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All images on this site are original, copyrighted works by David Stockman.

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I bought my first SLR when I was 16, ever since then I have been fascinated by photography and the creative possibilities of the medium, particularly in relation to low light situations where the camera behaves totally differently to our own eyes.

In 1992 I was introduced to Photoshop, it changed my life, suddenly images could be changed and manipulated to reflect my own vision sometimes in ways that would be impossible with conventional techniques.

Since 1997, when I got my first digital camera I have worked exclusively in the digital domain and have been developing the concept of “irreality”, somewhere that is between real and unreal. My pictures live in cyberspace and occasionally surface from the depths of my PC to appear in printed form and become real.

This site is entirely experimental, I started it to showcase my irreal work, with the Lawn Gallery. Since then it has just kind of grown, mirroring my own explorations into various real and irreal worlds.

The portfolio pages are where you can see stuff that I’ve been paid to do- book & CD covers, logos and websites. I didn’t want to do websites (other than this one) because every other bloke you meet is a ‘resting’ web wizard. Then people started offering me money...AND I’M ALWAYS OPEN TO OFFERS...

In the Galleries you will find some really dodgy HTML that may freak your browser. This is also where the most irreal stuff lives and where you can find images from the underground.

On the PhotoJams page is a sort of funky slideshow which you can download or watch in a tiny window. I was going to put up more of these until I discovered how much of my webspace they occupy, and how long they take to download.

The stock images pages were supposed to be where I sold boring images to designer types. It didn't quite work out like that. In fact it got neglected after the first batch of chaos images, mainly because I’ve been doing other things.

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